Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas

Innovations and Challenges in Early Detection: MCED Tests

October 3, 2023
from 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Expo Hall A 4

Multi-cancer early detection (MCED) encompasses an emerging set of technologies based on the analysis of a blood sample, breath, urine, saliva, or stool sample, enabling clinicians to rapidly screen for multiple cancer types at once. These technologies could be used to screen asymptomatic individuals for signs of cancer, to detect cancer in symptomatic individuals, and to monitor cancer patients or survivors for residual, or new signs of cancer. Although MCEDs are promising, recent publications have identified a number of controversies, including the lack of clarity on how best to evaluate their clinical utility and risk, benefit aspects, as well as their potential to exacerbate cancer disparities. In this session the speakers will discuss MCED test development, and opportunities and challenges integrating them into the health care system.

Expo Hall A 4 Moody Convention Center