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Emily Reiser, PhD

Emily Reiser, PhD

Associate Director, Innovation
Texas Medical Center

Dr. Emily Reiser is the Associate Director of Texas Medical Center Innovation, spearheading the Accelerators for Cancer Therapeutics, Healthtech, and international BioBridge programs. Dr. Reiser joined TMC Innovation in 2019, and since then, she has evolved from direct engagement with startup founders to overseeing a vast stakeholder network, and is now leading the recruitment of entrepreneurs in residence. Prior to joining TMC, she lead Eventure, an entrepreneurial community organization fostering the next generation of talent in Houston. She also contributed to the successful launch of local medtech startup, Noleus Technologies.

Dr. Reiser earned her bachelor's degree in biology from Emory University and a Ph.D. in bioengineering from Rice University, where her research focused on drug delivery for cancer immunotherapy. Throughout her career, she has skillfully blended her scientific expertise with business acumen to drive transformative changes in the fields of cancer therapeutics, medtech, and healthtech. Her unwavering dedication to advancing innovation, coupled with her adeptness at forging strong partnerships, has cemented her as a leader in her field. At the heart of Dr. Reiser's mission lies a deep-seated desire to facilitate meaningful improvements in health outcomes at a scale that directly impacts the lives and well-being of countless individuals. Her ultimate goal is to enable a vibrant and thriving innovation community, where purposeful conversations lead to impactful collaborations, culminating in clinically significant milestones and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.

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