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Jason McKnight, MD, MS, FAAFP

Jason McKnight, MD, MS, FAAFP

Director of Residency Recruitment for the Texas A&M Family Medicine Residency Program
Texas A&M University School of Medicine

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Primary Care and Rural Medicine

Dr. Jason McKnight currently serves as Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Primary Care and Rural Medicine within the Texas A&M University School of Medicine, as Medical Director of the Texas A&M Human Clinical Research Facility, and as Director of Residency Recruitment for the Texas A&M Family Medicine Residency Program. He is also a team leader for Texas C-STEP, a cancer prevention, screening, and education collaborative for rural and underserved populations across central and eastern Texas. He is board certified in family medicine and has been named a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Prior to medical school at the University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston Medical School (McGovern Medical School), he completed graduate training in nutrition, metabolomics, and amino acid biochemistry at Texas A&M University. Dr. McKnight's primary appointment is for clinical and medical education, in which he provides care in both the inpatient and outpatient setting in Bryan-College Station, and trains medical students and resident physicians in undergraduate and graduate medical education. Dr. McKnight also has teaching responsibilities at the graduate level, lecturing frequently about the responsible conduct of research and advising on graduate student committees.

In 2023, he was elected to the Texas A&M University School of Medicine Academy of Distinguished Medical Educators. In addition to his education appointment, he has service obligations to the University including serving as physician member of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and as member of the Faculty Senate Academic Professional Track faculty committee. Dr. McKnight is the current Chair of the Texas Medical Association Committee on Rural Health and consults with the Texas Department of State Health Services as a member of the Cancer Alliance of Texas. Finally, he conducts lung, colorectal, and liver cancer prevention services and research in rural and underserved populations through grant support from CPRIT. His projects have aided thousands of rural and underserved patients by giving them access to free cancer screening services such as colonoscopy, fecal immunochemical testing (FIT), low-dose lung CT scans, Hepatitis C screening, and liver imaging/diagnostics. Individuals have also received education on appropriate cancer screening, cancer risk reduction, tobacco cessation counselling, and free nicotine replacement therapy as part of Texas C-STEP’s initiatives. A vast number of communities and medical providers in central and eastern Texas have been provided education services and healthcare system navigation assistance from Texas C-STEP, all thanks to CPRIT’s funding support.

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